KSFO~OTHH: A flight over the pole!

Enjoyed a flight with @tjb0709 from San Fransisco. This routing took us over the rockies of Canada, the icey north pole, the vast land of Russia, Georgian mountains and the desert of the Middle East. A bit more about my flight down below:

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 15:10
Participants: @tjb0709

Now to the photos!

Parked up at the gate loading passengers and cargo

Late rotation out of KSFO

Climbing and a scenic view of the Bay Area

Crusin and flying over the infamous Rockies

Sunrise above Russia

Close to my TOD as we fly past Kuwait

Butter Alert!

Unloading after a long 15hours!

Lmk which was ur fav photo


Very nice pictures @Kedz!
The views of the rockies are amazing!

Wow it is very amazing

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thanks dude, rockies are amazing

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nice thank you

This was a surprise!
Great photos & post!šŸ‘
The Rockies get my vote, waking up to see the sunrise was magicial

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In the first I was thinking it was real

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Great photos!! What was the vs?

-104 not my best but a butter

yeah it was amazing waking to to see the golden sun

The screen shot of infamous Rockies just amazing!

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amazing sight espicially when approaching CYVR and KSEA

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Must do a flight to one of those then!

iā€™d fly from calgary to Vancouver. ICAO are CYYC and CYVR. Really scenic and beautiful approach

Which airline and aircraft? Air canada?

you can use air canada, any narrow body. west jet also do this route with their 737

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