KSFO - NZAA photos

Photos from my flight from KSFO to NZAA
Flight time - 13 hours and 32 minutes

Server - Expert

Thanks for the great ATC

Pushback from gate G93 at KSFO

Taxi to runway 28R

Liftoff from runway 28R

Cruise at 37000 feet

Beginning descent to NZAA

Turning into the pattern

Over the lake and into final on runway 23L

Smooth landing on 23L

Parked at the gate


Nice screenshots, I have also done this exact flight in IF, it’s a fun route for the 787.

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It is great views on approach

Nice pictures @United2! Today, both of my next 2 flights are going to be United flights that will either arrive or depart at KSFO.

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Oh wow! I did the same flight as you, only about 2 hours behind you, in the same aircraft! Unfortunately, IF thought it’d be funny if it crashed when I was on 3 mile final…

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Nice! I swear when I arrived at NZAA I larked right next to you!

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Sorry I had to leave early. :/

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Its all good I was wondering where you went

Thanks for all the likes

Completely forgot this flight is operated by a -10. But nice pics!

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Nice shots @United2! Cool long haul flight too… Thanks for flying in the Bay Area! If you like it check out KOAK. Another pretty large airport with lots of passenger, cargo, and private aircraft!!

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