KSFO-NZAA Air New Zealand 777-300ER

KSFO-NZAA using the All Blacks Air New Zealand 777-300ER

Route: KSFO (San Francisco)- NZAA (Auckland)
Flight time: 12 hours 13 minutes
Cruising altitude: FL 310
Server: Expert
Grade: 4

Loading up at KSFO

V1, Rotate! Blasting out of KSFO

Tower view of the airplane

Cruising high over the cloudy ocean

Short final

Nice landing in front of the Auckland airport buildings

And another tower view of the plane from the NZAA tower

Thanks for looking!


Nice shots, great livery and aircraft!

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Awesome shots!

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Thanks! it really is a great livery. Very simple colours but yet colourful in a way.

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Thanks!, greatly appreciate it :)

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