KSFO-KSAN Cinematic Timelapse 737-700

Hello everybody! A few days ago I went for a video idea of a cinematic timelapse in my youtube channel. So I did a flight from KSFO-KSAN and edit, which actually spent me a few days… To be honest, this the first time I am doing an IF cinematic time lapse so it may not be the best haha. So anyway just go ahead and click the link, sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

Flight spent on solo with the southwest 737-700 Southwest airline.

PS don’t worry this video is high quality, not like the last one lol


I like it! There was a point for me where I was just thinking to my self that ”get off the ground already”. It took 3:20 to get airborne. I would personally make that shorter and that’s my opinion.

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Thanks! Haha I have the same feeling as well lol

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