KSFO-KCLT adventure!

Good evening everyone! The other day I did a flight from SF to Charlotte in the US Airways 757, and I finally had a chance to edit the pics today! I hope everyone enjoys them!

fueling up, and prepping for takeoff! Weather radar is clear, and today should be a good flight!

I taxied out to Runway 28L for takeoff. Flight attendants, please prep the cabin for departure.

Had to hold short of the runway, due to a United flight departing off of Runway 1L. Good opportunity to double-check systems and give everything a quick once-over!

My departure path took me over two of the most iconic bridges in California, the Bay Bridge as well as the Golden Gate!

Every time I fly the 757, I’m always amazing at how powerful the aircraft is! We were already at FL350 before we even crossed over the Sierras

My flight path took me over the beautiful Mississippi River! Considering the historical significance of this river, a black-and-white photo seemed appropriate.

As I approached my TOD, I flew over KATL. Crazy how small it looks from FL350!

Passing over the Savannah River signaled me crossing into South Carolina!

A beautiful touch-down! Reverse thrusters and engage the autobrake

And docked at the gate!

I will have two polls today. One is the normal “favorite pic” poll, and the other one asking if people liked the black-and-white or not! Thanks for taking a look at my photos, and I hope everyone has a good day!

  • Initial shot at SFO
  • Taxiing to runway
  • Holding short
  • Bay Bridge and Golden Gate bridge
  • Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Mississippi River
  • KATL overhead shot
  • Savannah River
  • Touch-down
  • docked at the gate
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  • I liked the black-and-white
  • I did not like the black-and-white
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Also, if enough people like the black-and-white, I might do a full flight in it!

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Fun throwback flight!

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Thanks Mort!

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I almost never see the US Airways livery out and about in Infinite Flight!


Great pics! How long was the flight time in air?

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Hey there, thanks for the compliment!

As for your question, I just checked my flight log. Total time clocked in 4:35!

I would recommend doing so in a classic, as it would fit the lenses quite well!

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Very nice shots. Good edits too. You get a cookie 🍪

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For example, US Airways in black and white could fit well, however, the 757 was already in service when color photographs were widespread.

So, while the picture looks fine, in terms of highly critical and nit-picky critique, it would make more sense if the plane were something of the 727-era, as newsprints of the time would be in that color.

(Forgive my highly critical perspective of your pleasant flight. Really nice pictures and post!)

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Hey, no worries! Thanks for the comments!

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Thanks @Ty_Davis! I’ll always take cookies!

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