KSFO-KATL in Delta A330

So, I was going through my screenshot topics, and noticed I haven’t done a Heavy-class aircraft in awhile! Therefore, today I flew the Delta A330 from San Francisco to Atlanta. Hope you guys enjoy!

  • at the gate in San Francisco
  • Engine start
  • taxiing to runway
  • view of Golden Gate Bridge on climb-out
  • Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Glen Canyon
  • Ozark-Saint Francis National Forest
  • view on KATL on descent
  • touch-down
  • at the gate in Atlanta

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This must have been a good flight?

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Not too bad! A little bumpy as I descended into Atlanta, but nothing super major! Actually a flight I did a little later (KMIA-KJFK) was a lot more bumpy.

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Yea when I do KJFK-KMIA or the other way around it’s usually windy. 😂

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Nice one man! I love using wide bodies on shorter routes

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Thanks! I only ever use the A330 on shorter routes like this. If I’m ever flying a wide-body on a flight that’s over 5+ hours, I lean towards the 777.

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You should have used the 737-900 or 757-200 for a more realistic flight but nice.

Nice screenshots! They’re all good.

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Who said I was going for a “realistic flight”?

Great picture right here! Seems like it was a fun flight. Also, if you wanted to do a heavy flight you could’ve also taken a United 777 out.

I’ve flown over the golden gate a few times IRL, and it’s always absolutely stunning. Especially on a clear day when you have full views of the entire bay!

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Thanks! I used to live in the Bay Area, before moving away to college. Drove over and flew over the bridge many times!

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Hello these are great pictures but some of them need to be cropped or changed he is the link of the requirements

Have a great day,

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Hey there, thanks for the concern!

ATC and waypoint messages are generally exempted from this. I (as well as others) have posted other photo threads where ATC and waypoint messages haven’t been a problem.

I hope you have a good day!

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