KSFO expert delay lesson

If you are at a busy airport, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is try not to cut in line of the taxi queue. I am currently in a SWISS B777 stuck behind a UNITED B757 as I think we both tried to skip the taxi queue 😂


IFATC are focused on traffic flow. If you try to skip the line, you will be put right back to where you belong or farther back (most of the time). Same goes with arrivals.


Sometimes, the ATIS mentions

Flow traffic work in effect

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Trust me, it never works,

Like what AviationReports said, I’ve had a couple incidents where a pilot would take the outer taxiway to the end and cut everyone.

He requested takeoff in sequence and I told him number 10 and made him wait for 9 aircraft to take off in front of him.


What a legend

Good move Blitz ;)


Karma even comes in aviation form


wise words indeed!

utter savage lmao!


Now that’s karma if ever I saw it 😂🤣


Like that 🙃?

I was behind @Dan yesterday at KLAX, @geauxsaints (hello btw ;) ) just turned left and cut my way 😉… (I’d just like to think that he didn’t see me, as when is very busy, even if you set aircraft count to very high you don’t really everyone: little hint, always observing the map/little map when pushing back/taxiing etc.)…and finally I had for some reason to do 3 holding pattern at KSFO :/

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Unfortunately I think everyone wanted to be that person in front or behind Dan…

Even when a livestream or a staff member isn’t involved - people do this to takeoff sooner…I find it really irritating as well…


Yeah yeah I saw you. Sorry. Thanks for teaching me some manners.

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I got my karma with some rude controllers on arrival to KSFO.

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