KSFO -> EGKK. San Francisco to London

Route: San Francisco(KSFO) - Gatwick(EGKK)

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9(AAL livery)
Distance from departure to Destination: 5,380 miles.
Flight time: 9hrs 54min

Just thought I would do a little overnight flight last night from San Fran to London. I encountered tailwinds as high as 50kts, which helped my flight time be soScreenshot_20190503-092332 Screenshot_20190503-092318 short for such a long distanceInfiniteFlight_2019-05-03-14-56-52 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-03-14-54-28

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Okay, that is not for #screenshots-and-videos. Next time, add some beautiful photos like plane with sunset.

I would have, but I departed at 11:00 PM EST time so it was pitch black.

Have you heard called Replay? You can adjust the time in replay.

Yes, however I keep my time setting on current time

You can change times in replay…

nice pictures!

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That is what I just did before i added new pictures. Thank you

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