KSFO controller

At approximately ZULU 0308 Time, I was ghosted, I want to know the reason, please contact me controller.

Do you know who was controlling? If so send them a DM and they will be happy to answer questions

Check your logbook and see who reported you.

Alright thanks

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@Wei_Kang did you find the name?

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Most likely @DanielVitiello

PM @DanielVitiello. (Sorry, was writing when previous reply was posted)

Per SOP, if you wish to appeal your report, you may contact the controller via PM.

If I might offer some advice, beginning with a demanding !!! sentence is probably not the best tack to take.

Simply request the reasoning. If the explanation doesn’t do it for you, a moderator can be involved, but I promise none will be receptive if the process is not undertaken with some degree of decorum.


Okay,The reason I got ban is I was already on take off roll, and suddenly I received there’s atc service, to contact tower, am I suppose to reject take off or what?

The ghosting happen too fast, that’s all I can say.

Did you fly this plane?
Air Asia

No, that’s wasn’t me

Tim offered some good advice as well as the name of the controller you need to reach out to.