KSFO big mess

Big mess at ksfo. Asked to do 360 already in pattern then never cleared to land after to calls. Act cleared a t/o when i was 1nm away

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Well sounds like training server… and the name explains it all, for the best experience with ATC go to expert:)


Or better yet, fly to KSJC! It’s not too far south of KSFO but its way more peaceful

Don’t always go to KSFO in the Bay Area


Only you and @GlobalFlyer1 would ever say that


KSFO does not currently have IFATC, as it is not featured today. This means that it’s the Training Server, which anyone can control on. Flying on Expert is better. There’s nothing anyone can do about bad ATC on TS.

My bad then didn’t realize was on training server

Lol XD

But still…@soydepr, if you really want to be in the Bay Area and not be in the mess that you are complaining about, fly to KSJC. It’s another commercial airport in the same area at KSFO and it’s way better than KSFO, especially on the training server


It’s just because it’s on Training. Fly there on Expert and it’ll all be good!

San Jose isn’t better than San Francisco just because it’s not well-known and no one ever flies there pretty much on Training.

Once you reach Grade 3/4/5, you’ll see that people are professional (most of the time) on Expert and the same should go for every airport, including SFO ;)


@GlobalFlyer1 @BigBert10 @TheFlyingGuy1

Keep it to your 23,000 closed PM`s arguing over which bay area airport is the best ;)

(cough) KSFO is better (cough)

JK it`s a nightmare.

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Hey, I’m just saying what the best way to avoid SFO mess is 🤷‍♂️

cough cough SJC is the best cough cough


Right, before we (cough) OAK beats all… `Scuse me. Before we go off track here i think we should get back on topic…

(cough) Now I`m stirring the pot. ;)

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And in real life, when I went to Bay Area this summer, I chose to go to SJC instead of SFO. More convient and smaller. Not too crowded as well. Liked the airport alot. Will always choose SJC the next time I go to Bay Area.


Okay, in all fairness we should go back on topic, Im laughing my head off, like its a Schyllberg vs Mishacamp arguement. lmao.

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Well we all know KOAK is @InfiniteNick least favorite airport

Ok that’s the last one

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Or, the best way to avoid that is flying in Expert.

People can fly to whatever airport they want. In this case, he chose San Francisco, so we should really just be helping him understand why it was such a big mess… not saying that a certain airport is better than another and that you should fly there to avoid the mess.


Yea. If expert is available just do that. It’s wayyyyyy better


or not… Im just bursting out with laughter everytime I see one of us type.... How a mod hasnt closed this yet i dont know haha....... Now Im being picked on by 3 different people…

Keep riding, liking, writing, voting and you will become T… I have forgetten again, its training server, you have nothing to do. Watch the destiny…

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Unfortunately, it’s training server. There’s nothing that can stop that kind of stuff. But to avoid that kind of stuff, you can fly on expert.

Cough cough SFO is better cough cough

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Can we stop with the SFO vs SJC? It’s okay to have your opinions, but all the OP wanted was to ask why SFO’s controller wasn’t up to standards. If you’d like to argue about which airport is better, fine, but please do it in a PM.