KSFO Approach from BDEGA3

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I am planning to fly into KSFO from VHHH. I have a question regarding the Approach procedures of the airport. Since I am arriving from the North, I will be descending with STAR BDEGA3. However, I noticed that the last waypoint in the STAR is BRIXX, which is right above the airport.

I can’t seem to find the right approach sequence for R/W28L from that waypoint, does anybody know how it is done?

Thank you, this is actually my first time flying into KSFO, I am not very familiar with the procedures there. I would really appreciate the help.

If this doesn’t belong in Live, please tell me! Thank you!

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From BRIXX you will most likely get vectors from ATC to the final approach course. This is how it’s done IRL not sure what procedures IFATC have in place for this today


Ah I see, so should I end my flightplan on that waypoint?

So it would be something like VHHH ~~ BRIXX KSFO with out any waypoints for the final approach


I’m inbound for KSFO on the same STAR (BDEGA3). For the final approach I set the I28L with the EDDYY transition incase ATC is not present at the time I arrive


Oh, that makes sense. I will go ahead and use that as my flightplan. Thank you so much for the quick help!

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Not a problem, safe flight 👍✈

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You could also input the radar vectors as waypoints as well. KSFO usually has you loop around the hills and the Palo Alto area and then turn onto finals for the 28s

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Oh I see, I’ll also use that as my reference, thank you!

Another useful tool I use is Flightradar24 to see what runway is currently in use, and what tracks these aircraft are flying to get to that runway. Compare that picture to what arrivals/approaches are available in IF to complete your FPL.

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sfo 28 loop
Once you cross BRIXX, turn heading 140. Normally you’d get vectors, but if you don’t you kinda have to eyeball it with your map (or at least that what I do…).


I have done this approach many times before SIDS and STARS were a thing - and I found hand flying while eyeballing it (if you have a good eye for altitude control and turning radii) usually does it for me.

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@OT359, @A_Plane_Guy, @BennyBoy_Alpha,

Thank you so much for the support! I’ll do my best, I’ll use the photos for reference. Vectors will help me if the Approach frequency is open, so if I get vectored I think I’ll be fine.

If not, I’ll just do my best eyeballing it and flying without A/P.

Oh, one question, which flight did you take this photo from? Because it seems like it has one waypoint logged in the approach

Thank you, everyone, for the help, I just landed on 28L after a successful 13-hour flight.

I ended up approaching with 0 vectors, and all went smoothly. 😄

Thank you, ATC for the amazing operation.

Have a good day/night

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You can find US charts at airnav.com. They’ll tell you what to do in situations like this.