KSFO airport issue

Its been a while that i posted, anyhow, when i loaded into KSFO, there are missing gates and missing part of the tarmac, ive cleared my scenery cache


I had a similar issue once, it worked perfect right after I restarted my device.

if you look carefully at my screenshot, there are actually gates at the rest of the terminal ( the right of the a380 which is me)

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yea I had it like that once too. Other terminal gates were visible but my side wasn’t. Probably just restart your device and see.

i just restarted my device and did not work

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I had this same issue a couple of times too

Oh, well then I am not sure what can be done but there are others who might be able to help.

I’m able to reproduce this, so it isn’t an issue on your end. I can pass it on and we’ll see if it can be fixed soon :)

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so u tried doing what i did which is spawning at my gate and you are getting the results as i am getting correct? @Rob_M

I just spawned and moved the free cam around the airport. So yep

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ok thanks for your help

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Hey there!

From what I could gather from the image that you posted above, it looks like this is directly to the left of runway 1L.

Looking at this same area on Google Earth shows that this area does look like it’s currently under construction as shown in the image below.

I believe this change was made in game to reflect the situation in the real world.

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