KSFO 1R/L Approach

Hi all, again newbie here but wanted to see if anyone had any advice on how to do a glide scope approach to KSFO on 1R/L with respect to the high terrain. Was flying the A321 at the time. (Sidebar: I’m still not that great on crosswind landings and the day I was flying 1R/L was the only “green” runway.)

I tried searching this topic but didn’t have much luck. Thanks, and appreciate everyone’s insight.

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Practice your crosswind landings SFO hardly if ever lands on 01. Other then that don’t pay attention to the glide slope or Papis fly the plane.


Hey! If u want a perfect approach, nothing beats the charts. They can be a bit confusing to read in the beginning, but after 15 mins on YouTube, you should be good. The other day, I did an approach into Aspen, and the charts brought me perfectly down through valleys and over peaks with a lot of clearance on all sides of the a/c, right down until the steep final. So yea, I highly recommend charts…Google SFO 01L/R charts, and ur done :)

Here’s a very good tutorial for charts in the community, but I think the visuals given on YouTube make it easier to understand 😀

That doesn’t really help when there is no published approach.


what do you mean by that?

You can’t land at the 1’s there due to the mountains. So, there’s no charts for it.



Well there’s a GPS approach, but it’s only 1 page compared to the rest of the runways whicg have like 3 pages each, so yea I guess it’s probably a once in a blue moon landing.

To add on to Brandon Sandstrom’s post,

yes no one lands on R1L/1R & 10L/10R. I suggest using 19R/19L for crosswind practice as those two runways are usually used on windy days.

Runway 10 isn’t the same as runway 01. Again there is no IAP for runway 01.

Hmmm…yep the 10 slipped by me as 01. But then just wondering would they be doing a visual approach in this vid?

not sure if it’s unnecessary to post it, but no iap got me wondering

If there is no IAP then by definition wouldn’t it have to be?

erm…yea it probs would…

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