KSFB Parking Removed?

Hi all!

This is my first time posting in the forums. Really have gotten addicted to the game over the past few monthes and have loved all the updates! Quick question though, with the last update it looks like KSFB parking options were removed, just wondering why this would have happened?

Thanks to any answers! Happy flying!

We recently got a new scenery update so maybe this was accidentally removed or the editors changed it.

EDIT: Its not on the list so you can contact @Kilt_McHaggis for information. But if this is not editor related. Try clearing your scenery cache, uninstall then reinstall IF, or try restarting your device.


This airport WAS updated as below. Below is the Parking Map for this airport!


Click on link below to see all of the parking here:

This is the Florida map!

I have many more of these on my site!

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Looks like a fix was placed 18 days ago


Looks like it will be in next update!


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