KSEA time lapse - Making the most of Freecam

You mean departures? And a few landed on 34R. I landed on 34R.

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Lol yes. That’s what I meant to say -.-

How did you record and make this into a time lapse?

That Air Austral was me! I couldn’t get the turning radius right and I overshot the runway! 0:20 into the video


That was really cool!!

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Haha, it was funny. You recovered nicely

Does anyone find the free cam hard to use?

Well since you can see the 787s he’s obviously using an Android, with Android 5.0 and greater are able to record in app, and then put into an editor can speed up the footage.

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I can’t wait to see all the new opportunities with the free cam!

Drone crashes?

Think of of its controls like a drone. A tutorial is going to be posted anyway

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Okay thanks man!

All done using in app features

Nicely done. you should make more of these


IF has a timelapse mode built into it

Who was the guy that flung of the runway? I sometimes do that in the 737

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The (newly released) “free cam” looks amazing. We can’t wait to get the update out on IOS.

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All of the iOS users watching this are green with envy lol. Can’t wait for the update.

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Incase anyone is interested this will be on allday the day after FNF - Bring out the 78 :p

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