KSEA stand guidance not working

The last couple time I flew to Seattle on IF the stand guidance isn’t working. The part that would show it is there but it’s just black not showing anything. Is the is a know issues already if it sorry for mentioning it again.

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Hey mate, I think this topic should be in #support so you can get better help on the topic!

Hi there, could you provide more specifics, particularly which gate did this occur so that the editing team can investigate?

Today I was at D2 but it happens at all gates around the whole airport

Able to repro at gates D1-D4, C3, C11, C15, C20, Q4 at Seattle.

Safedocks have previously been an issue at SEA. For instance, the following topic depicts an “AUTO DETECT” message at select A gates.

Rest assured, the editors of KSEA are aware of the issue. I have alerted them of this issue to put it on their radar again.

Thanks for the report, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Functioning at the A gates on my end. Looks like it’s just the gates I listed above.

Yeah when I started a departure from Seattle it said auto detect it’s only on arrival that the screen is blank and says nothing


a fix for this was made by editing team and will be in one of the future updates.
Please be patient, thanks.

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