KSEA (Seattle Tacoma) Spotting!

This was my first time spotting so I was not sure how my photos would be, but I think they turned out decent! I spotted at SeaTac just a couple hours before the Horizon Dash 8 was stolen. On this same trip to Seattle I visited the Boeing factory in Everett and was able to see inside the building where they assemble the planes, it was amazing!

Here are my best photos! I had around 200 because I used burst, I also had a lot of other good ones but they were similar to these.


Nice pics!!, I love Alaska’s new livery!


Thank you! I also like the new Alaska livery!


No problem!! hope to see more of your photos soon!

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Thank you! Should I update this post with all good photos I got while spotting there?


Maybe!! If you think it’s nice!

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