KSEA parallel landing

Ever since my md11 flight yesterday I’ve fallen in love with the aircraft. Decided to fly it again today into KSEA and I got a nice surprise!

Flight information:

Server: expert
Aircraft: MD11F
Flight time: 0:58

Quick question for y’all: why is the md11 landing speed so high?


3 strong engines

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They really are lol

Actually the landing speed is high when you’re level because you’re actually supposed to approach with about 5 degrees of nose up pitch (in the MD-11)

It’s definitely an interesting bird.

IF has a tutorial on their YouTube channel with more details

Nice pic!

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You are? Dang my pitch was 2 or 3 degrees

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Yeah it’s an interesting plane for sure but that’s what makes it one of my favorites 🔥

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An episode of Air Disasters, covering an MD-11F hard landing, mentioned a typical final approach speed of 175kn, “faster than any other jets except fighters”.

The explanation was a design choice to use a slimmer tail structure with smaller stabilizers and rudder, for less drag compared to the MD-10s… But also makes it fly with generally higher pitch / AoA than most planes.


175…? Aight thanks ig