KSEA-PAJN Requested Timelapse

Requested by @Butter_Boi

1st Song - Sunburst - NCS
2nd Song - High - NCS

If you have a request to be timelapsed please PM me @Samivan_911


I think it would be cool if you time lapsed the replay instead so we could just focus on the aircraft! Just a thought.


Good, but you should work on to have better quality. For me to make better for time-lapses, its the @PocketRishi way, (Sorry Rishi). Its just not to drag on the video for too long.


Great video! Awesome! 😃👍🏻
Isn’t the scenery great? By the way, that was the same approach I took when I landed there in real life! Great Video! 😃

Seems like there was a lot of turbulence! Hope the passengers are ok.

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He can make his videos how he wants them, he doesn’t have to do it someone else’s way.

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I suggest filming the replay instead of your actual flight. It would be much better if we didn’t see the the HUD.

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I suggested not forced. I said how I liked making time-lapses.

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Whoops! Guess I just misunderstood that, sorry!

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