(KSEA - OMDB 777W) The SeaTac Swarm

These are shots i took after the Events of the SeaTac swarm hosted by @KSS and i had a lot of fun their and I’m happy that I signed up for it.

here are some shots from that event
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Livery: Emirates
Server Expert

sitting at the gate with a 757 in the background pushing back with Southwest Flight 6566 at the gate taxing to runway 16L Lift off! cruising over what i believe to be the Artic descending into Dubai international On Final approach to runway 30L at Dubai making a safe/Ryanair-ish landing Taxing into Gate Arrival at A10


These are great photos but I would suggest removing

Looks like a great flight though.

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OOF i completely forgot about that thanks

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No problem.

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Nice photos… good angles.

Also, unrelated but why does the 77W have such a faint nose cone compared to say the 777F?

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I saw you at Sydney in expert server last time I was a UA 7773 u were a virgin I think


i think im wrong on this but were you united 539

Nice shots! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Nope I was VH-KID

oh ok imma search through my replays to find you