KSEA - FNF Thoughts

I just wanted to praise the controllers at KSEA right now. It felt like amateur hour at the airport. I had someone spawn on top of me at the gate, planes were asking for takeoff when they were 3 deep in line (multiple times). I think some people should review the ATC basics before going to a busy FNF.

Many thanks to the controllers today, y’all have a lot of patience!


someone in a us airways plane spawned on me to as i was going to fly with my friend so i just refused to move.

someone did that to me in PANC.
spawned on top of me, pushed back a little bit (without authorization) and then requested pushback from ATC. I was going to fly the route PANC-KSEA but after 5min of the guy just sitting there with his nose in my cabin, I decided to just disconnect.

Absolutely ridiculous. They should warn and ghost of actions like that.

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