KSEA Flyout/Flyin


Rules: Not responsible for level 2-3 violations

Event Info:
So this time around, I recently flew to SeaTac to visit my aunt, and decided to create this flyout!
This event will take place on the Expert server at KSEA at 17:00Z-20:00Z

Your guide to SeaTac Airport (KSEA/SEA) - Community Tutorials - Infinite  Flight Community

Gates: *no gate assignments, but make sure to keep it realistic!

Airlines and Destinations | Port of Seattle


Was my old home airport (and my favourite airport) so I legally have to attend this event

I love ksea but unfortunately cant go because I’m out of town this weekend☹️

ok, maybe I’ll see you at future events

BTW, hope you get into IFATC soon!

Should I…

  • Do this tommorow
  • Postpone

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If you choose the second answer, please tell me what day you want to do this.

Hi, are we doing this today or is it postponed

read the message above…

Didn’t know the voting was over.

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