KSEA Expert Tower Question

Thanks! Yeah it was weird seeing it

Thanks I will totally appreciate your help!

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MaxSez: “Spoofing/Intrusion”, No active ATC and on Unicom. Some idiot is opening an ATC freq and broadcasting a bogus msg. It’s not system related it’s MIJI… MaxSends

Sorry that doesn’t make sense to me if you’re in an active tower and report "Contact tower’ doesn’t that mean the person in the tower is active?

@RotorGuy MaxSez, Read the Tape. All white bcast recorded are via Unicom except the 2 red active Bcast’s = Intrusion. The Tower was not active, if it where Unicom would not be available.

Hey Mark. I was controlling KSEA when you landed. I saw your callsign NORADIO so, no problem. If no interfere, no ghost.

Sometimes that occurs.
Regards. Dani :)


Thanks DaniCP!
I saw your ground but no tower which was really weird really glad you were able help me out with this!

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This is no guarantee. Unfortunately, there are multiple pilots who use NORDO as their callsign permanently, whether or not that’s because they expect to be allowed to do as they please, I have no idea.

Ideally, controllers should know that pilots are more prone to tuning into active frequencies they don’t need to than they are using Unicom if the frequency is active and let you land NORDO using common sense, but it’s not always the case.

However, a screenshot like the one above should be more than enough to get the report reversed (if it does occur) in short order.


Ganna have a follow up question - For Controllers would you like to see NORDO or 7600 or does both work?

NORDO is best, just because we 100% know, if you just chuck 2600 it could mean anything.

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@TaipeiGuru that’s the same as I do, and as you say it works every time. Not practical if the new ATC takes over when you’re on final, but a little further out and it is definitely the best way forward. Pilots doing this WiFi-off-and-back-on trick just need to be mindful of other traffic they can see on their radar before disconnecting, and if needs be enter a hold/360 until you’re fully reconnected, able to see other traffic again and now also able to talk to the Tower controller.


Yeah, I definitely agree with you. If I were on short final, I’d skip the disconnection thing and just change my callsign to NORDO until I’m safely on the ground (if the problem hasn’t resolved itself by then).

Not really. Squawk code 7600 means “communications failure.”

Following on, 7600 is radio failure
7700 is general emergency

And 7000 is normal squak code

If I’m very busy, you’re all just planes on a screen. I pay little attention to callsigns or display names at that point, and won’t treat you any differently if you change your callsign or display name to NORDO. If I knew I was NORDO, I’d quit my flight, personally.

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@RotorGuy MaxSez… There’s no option… “NORDO”= No Radio” is a voice communication FAR/AIM requirement. “7600” is a digital squawk Code it’s transmitted by Transponder not voice.

Codes: 4 randum number: Flight Tracking Tag, issued by RW ATC
7500- Hijack
7600- Lost Comm
7700- General Emergency
7777- Intercepted by Mil Acft
1200- Flying VFR, My favorite.
Only NORDO for lost Comm is appropriate for IF. IF Aircrsft are not Transponder equipped. MaxSends

I literally just spoke about those squak codes above 🤦‍♂️ And so did Tim

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@Jack_BC… Ok by me! Carry On, MaxSends

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Yes, but Max…how can I TX voice if my radio is out? 🤪

Do all the IFATC controllers know that? I know what it means, and yes I’d use it when needed when I’m flying a real plane, but making things clear on IF are much easier for everyone.

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