KSEA Expert Tower Question

Alright guys here’s an interesting question, I was flying into SEA as AS583. I am on final and I get this warning twice there is no active tower, but I still got another warning after, can some one explain why I got these? Thanks!

As an IFATC controller, this happens often. It usually occurs of you exit out of the app a few times then come back. It’s a known issue though :)

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There are two tower frequencies; this means one is in charge of let’s say: patterns, and another is in charge of another part of ATC, final approach in this case possibly. So the controller that’s in charge of that will ask you to change to their frequency. I’m not sure but I believe this is how it works.

I believe he’s talking about where it doesn’t show any frequencies on the atc box

Thanks! I never left the app though and it showed one controller was active

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Oh, I didn’t perceive it that way; I guess that also makes sense.

We have an option on our ghost reports that says “unable to communicate contact moderator” so don’t be devastated if we ghost you. Just contact a mod and they’ll get it fixed for you. We would only ghost if you’re interfering with an aircraft. If it’s just you we’d let you land


Thankfully I wasn’t ghosted I wrote “NORADIO” as my callsign after the second time, I heard everyone else using unicom which was also strange I was able contract the ground controller after though

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You should exit to the atc screen where you can see all frequencies available on your screenshot so we can see what’s happening.

Sure, Let me go to the Replay screen

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Doesn’t let me see whose on Freq, only one was the Ground Freq at SEA, and when I was on final you can see there’s no active tower per the pic

If you can’t tune into a frequency let the controller know via PM or you can make your callsign “NORDO” that way ATC will know that you have no comms

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Yeah figured that out wrote “NORADIO” like I said earlier

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This issue has occurred to me often over the past few weeks. What I do is to turn off the WiFi and wait until the connection for the Live Server (top right corner) turns red. Once it turns red, I turn the WiFi back on and wait for the connection to turn green again, and then tower will be visible. Works every time for me :)


Thanks for the tip!

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No problem, hope it helps

I suggest we change call sign to 7600, the squawk code for lost comms.

I’m confused why this could happen. Obviously it all ended up fine, but this begs the question: could you have been on Unicom prior to being in range of the tower (for example, a controller on departure switched you to SEA Unicom), and you remained there for the rest of the flight? It does not automatically change to an active frequency unless you tell it to. @Claudio wasn’t asking you to click on the airport, but to hit the back button (next to “Report Position” in the screenshot) and check to see all available frequencies, which you can’t do in the replay. Next time, try that and see if you can see Tower.

Since everyone else was using Unicom, though, this was either a legitimate issue, or Tower had just come on while everyone (including you) were tuned into Unicom and going about your business, or the scenario I mentioned above with the departure airport.


Yes I was, but that was in ANC. No other towers, when I got closer I was able pick up ATIS, from there I was able get on SEA and no one was on tower.

Yeah I know that, thanks though!

See I went out to see if the Tower was active and it showed no active tower and then I got the warning again and once again no active tower but active ground

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Ah okay. Just trying a few suggestions. Seems like a game issue then.

For future reference, the available frequency page would probably be better to include with any report or thread. Or both haha.