KSEA-EGLL | Boeing 787-9 | Virgin Atlantic

Here everybody!
I take a lot of screenshots on IF and I never really have anything to do with them. But I thought why not show them to the community! We all love some juicy jet photos.

Time: Saturday, May 25, 1330Z - 2230Z
Route: KSEA - EGLL
Plane: Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9

Here we go!

Tasty takeoff from 16L in front of a couple of fellow aircraft

Rotation with a 737 in the background

Turn to the East then north toward London

1 hour out morning cockpit view

Starting the turn onto final
Then a fun landing in front of a rival BA 747 holding short 27R

Hope ya’ll enjoyed!

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Great photos! I hope for more soon!

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Thanks! I honestly have thousands of IF photos backed up on my phone from years ago, but I never have enough spirit to post them. For example I take a lot of screenshots on my more interesting routes, for example, a 4am multi island coastgaurd patrol around the Hawaiian islands in the c130J, or an Arctic livery a10 air base hop around Antarctica, or just a plain FedEx MD11 flight from Paris to Memphis.

Sometimes my wonderful incredible VAs get slightly frustrated at me when I don’t attend many of their events😬 which is a completely valid reason, but most of the time this is what I am doing when they have their events😂😂

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Yeah let me know if I should do more of these!

I would love them!

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I voted for the number 6 but I love the number 7 as well.

Wow y’all really love the cockpit view haha

I like the 787 cockpit especially because it is so advanced and the gadgets actually light up

Then the 747✈️