KSEA arrivals [Closed]

Why are so many people arriving at ksea and there isn’t even a controller there?

Well tomorrow, it’s on the schedule:

Sunday : Seattle (KSEA), Boise (KBOI), Salt Lake City (KSLC), Portland (KPDX), Sacramento (KSMF), Palm Spring (KPSP), Las Vegas (KLAS)
Featured Airline: Delta Airlines

So chances are, most of the arrivals are coming from far away

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Yep, most likely a lot of long hauls

Here are all the current KSEA arrivals.


See this link:



its cause of the WSSS event to day to KSEA, i am the escorter for the 3 planes

Right, I understand. I wonder how long that flight is?

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its like 12hrs left.

search for callsign ESCORTER on infinite flight tracker, youll see 3 planes and my fighter jet

Where do i search for callsigns

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you can’t search but if you know where the plane is you can go there on the map and see for the callsign. For example i am escorting 3 planes as part of a WSSS event here: LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight

Are y’all filling up in the sky?

yes, 38,000ft @Mach .82 - .85

I would like to see that!

spwan in with fighter jet and join us. LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight use my track link to reach us. Though i may leave after 30min or so

Take this to PM now. This has gone way off topic…

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