KSEA Arrival Procedure Missing

Hey IFC! I just saw KSEA’s GLASR2 arrival procedure was missing in the game. It was there previously and it was never removed in real life. I was just wondering if it could get fixed soon. Thanks!

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Navigation fixes come with the next major update, so either 23.4 or 24.1 :)

Hello fellow pilot I am liingliing and i have read your IFC post. See infinite flight has been missing a lot of approaches and more but here is the thing it could of been a bug if not it was just removed for a little bit.

It’s weird though because it’s not a new procedure, it was there even before the newest NAV database update.

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Yes, but even if it’s a bug, you’ll have to wait for the next major update.

That goes for airport layout related stuff. Procedures are taken from a different source (NavBlue) and are updated every now and then, not periodically.

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Oh, ok. Sorry for the incorrect info, although I thought I saw a staff member’s post about this.

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