KSEA Airport Update

From what I know I don’t have to make this a feature request but correct me if I am wrong.

Recently KSEA has been getting renovations of it’s N Terminal, adding a couple gates (which are already in service), and S terminal. It would be nice if the Airport Editing Team could push an update out to this airport sometime.



NOTE: The N concourse will be finished soon, but the S concourse will be finished Fall of 2020.

This should be #features I think

But I would love to see it

No, it shouldn’t. Airport editors don’t take requests, but I’m sure they’ll add this when it’s finished irl.


I don’t think so.

You’re absolutely right.

Hello @Key

The Airport Editing Team is aware that airports are changing every time. Eventually, an editor would be interested and renovate it. We usually don’t take requests from the public as we edit the airports we want or that have some priority/value, but I’m sure we’ll someday get to redo KSEA.


Oh, Ok! Thanks! Mods can close this.