KSBN - Coming Soon!

Hello! Some of you may have seen that KSBN is in the works as listed in the Project Midwest thread. As the editor of this airport, I wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come in all its 3D glory! The South Bend International Airport is located about 2 miles northwest of South Bend, Indiana. KSBN and KFWA (Fort Wayne International) are always neck and neck in terms of being the second busiest airport in the state behind KIND (Indianapolis International). KSBN also happens to be my home airport, and being able to build it in the sim was a lot of fun. I’ve flown in/out as a passenger, pilot, and also work here as a ramp/ticket agent as well. The airport has a wide variety of commercial, cargo, charter, and general aviation activity. We have four airlines that regularly serve the airport:


  • Charlotte (CLT)
  • Dallas (DFW)


  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • Minneapolis (MSP)


  • Chicago (ORD)


  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Orlando Sanford (SFB)
  • St. Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE)
  • Punta Gorda (PGD)
  • Phoenix Mesa (IWA)
  • Sarasota (SRQ) Seasonal

The airport also has UPS and FedEx on site as well with flights to their respective hubs. With Notre Dame being so close, we see a huge influx of general aviation traffic around game time. All of this traffic is handled by the onsite FBOs Atlantic Aviation and Corporate Wings. Here are some highlights:

Main Terminal Building and Concourse A:

General Aviation Hangars:

Skywest Maintenance Hangar:

Atlantic Aviation FBO:

FedEx Ramp and Building:

UPS Stand:

Lastly, I wanted to share this comparison of a photo I took at work vs. the recreation in Infinite Flight :)

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Building this airport has been a blast. With all of the airline routes, charters, cargo, and GA opportunities it makes for an interesting place to fly in/out of in the sim. Please note this is still a work in progress and is subject to change!


wow! looks amazing. the allegient photo looks identical to the one irl!


SRQ is my home airport and allegiant is our second most flights a day with I believe southwest in first and delta in third

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Deltas actually in 2nd and Allegiant in 3rd.

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That parking lot though! Great job!


The parking lot is so detailed!


As a person from Indiana this cannot look any better!!!


parking lot looks amazing!


YES!!! I’ve been waiting forever for this! Can’t wait! Been to SBN several times and that looks amazing

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This is so great! I didn’t realize that the allegiant plane was also in IF. They looked like the same picture twice.

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Not far from me, I’m next to RSW

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Yeah that’s one of our go to’s when flights are full out of TPA SRQ and MCO because we fly JetBlue and we mainly go to New York to visit my grandma

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Aiport and special parking amazing! 😱👍👍👍

Looking forward to this!

Hello! With the release of 23.1 I’m happy to say that the 2D side of KSBN has been updated and is available for all to utilize! All of the gate positions are now up to date and there are a few new spawn locations as well. Taxiway B is also now aligned with 9R/27L on the southwest side of the field just as construction continues in real life. As for the 3D side, I decided to start fresh with better layering for added detail and will be updating this thread soon with progress. It’ll be a little while yet before the airport is released completely, but since I’ve gotten more comfortable with the editor I want to do this airport justice.