KSATplane _spotter Flight Tracking Thread

@Southwest_2115 and @Oklahoma1 can yall join me

I can this evening, but not right now.

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Can’t join sorry

@United_8275_heavy waanna join me hou to sat

@United_8275_heavy im free rn going from San Antonio
To Houston

Overnight Group flight
Airlines: Delta
Aircraft: A359
Route: Paris to Atlanta
FPL: copy mine
ETA 14 hours
Fuel max

@MAviationYT @deltaoutofdca @A320ifly @United_8275_heavy @Southwest_2115 @Random_AviatorYT if u guys can join I’ll be making a video of it

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Unable sorry

I can’t attend, but it’s only like 9-10 maybe 11 hours.

Also why would you put fuel that will run out?

Sorry for the late response, but sadly I can’t make it today because of huge internet issues in my area.

Ok I’m having issues in San Antonio

@MAviationYT can you join

@deltaoutofdca cmon it’s delta jk🇺🇸😂😂


At an airport rn lol

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Nooooooo dang it

Flight info
Plane: B737-800
Fuel enough for 3 hours
ETA 39 minutes
Altitude 32000

@Southwest_2115 @MAviationYT @Dimitrios_TA @STL_planespotter

Continuing to klax

JFK has low visibility perfect

Overnight flight
London to LAX
Airline american
Plane b777-200er one world livery
Fuel max
Estimated flight time 9 hours
@United_8275_heavy @Cpt-Lucc4


What sever will it be on? I don’t do long hauls on the expert because violations when I’m sleeping