Ksat flyout problem

So I woke up 7 at in the morning for this flyout and it’s was early for me felt like I was going to school and the flyout group chat I said ok I woke i will be there so I spawn in and nobody is there I look at the groupchat no said anything I check if it was canceled it was not so I was like ok maybe I’m early so I set up my flight plan and one plane spawn in was one of the people that were attending so I pushback at 8:00 and no one was in the flyout it was just me and and fedex guy the hole time the guy that made the event didn’t even show up this event was bad of the the guy that made the event knew he was not going to make he could have just canceled it instead of wasting 40 min of my sleep

I dont think there is a need for this topic you can just DM a person who made a event and tell how you feel about this to him


Well I didn’t mean to dm him I just surprised that he did not even show up