KSAN/VHHX: A collection

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been doing some flights, and after those flights I’ve some screenshots that I’d like to share with you all. Some of them I took at the event in Kai Tak - the others were at KSAN when on approach from EGLL.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Misc + B789
Route: Misc + EGLL-KSAN
Locations: Kai Tak + KSAN

There we are - Hope you enjoy them!


Hello these photos look good!
However the rules said you can only have a maximum of 10 photos and I counted 11 here(I double checked) so you would have to remove one

Thought so. Doing that now.

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The Discourse thing says 10…

also I counted and there are 10 (maybe I miscounted but idk)

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Before 10 I counted 11 he removed 1

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oh he removed 1 lol sorry

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I removed one.


Lovely pictures. I believe that OZ772 is me!

Great photos!