KSAN Reminder

As I’m flying in the expert server, I’m noticing some confusion at San Diego Airport on what is a taxiway and what isn’t.

Here’s the issue: Illinois One is on the taxiway, holding behind a few aircraft. Delta E175 has pushed back and has started taxiing onto what is known as a taxiway edge line. You probably know what that is. Here’s the difference between the lines up-close:

The first line is the taxiway line. The second is the taxiway edge line. Mind the difference.



Noticed this too earlier. Laughed at them and shook my head as they weren’t causing any offensable trouble, but can be an easy mistake.

Just so you know I was taxiing to parking 😂 my district to dest is becuase I was vectored in off my fpl

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Yeaaa no one should get reported especially at Night cant see anything at night this is why we need those lights


Note taken. Thanks for the info.

***Also take note how close the Southwest 737 is to the United 767. Improper spacing. 🙂