KSAN really busy

14 planes are wait for take off at KSAN on Playground! Just awesome!!! (update effect)


Yay!! (Filler)

i have to “hold position” after my pushback :/ (TSK2SL)

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Is this playground or advanced?

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i love this playground :D

I will be there!!!

@jonah.c please read before ask :)

I was in line for forever! But super cool :) ATC was fantastic!

what callsign?

Redwood 31 :)

Update day!!

where are you?

i’m (right now) 3rd in line (TSK2SL)

Im at 32,000 feet rn, I was in line

where are you?

I will be back later, gotta do piano and homework!

stalling and crashed at take off …sh*t!!

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i want that 24hrs/24 :)

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Had to go around 2 times because there is a crap ton of planes waiting to take-off😡

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You shouldn’t have because landing take priority over takeoff