KSAN Ground & Tower Open on TS1 {CLOSED}

Come out and test my ATC skills.
I need some feedback so come out. No pattern work thanks.

  • Ben

If you want to test your skills and want to become IFATC you should probably try pattern work

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If you want to learn and become feedback I would suggest you to open a little airport in a less used region (with less nimrods too) and to allow pattern work. :)


@Adrien @Wren_Jago, It’s Socal so it’s super busy. I plan on practicing pattern work at a later date. I want to practice busy airport controlling so I chose this. Thanks -Ben

How do you want to practice with nimrods? -.-

I knew someone was going to say that! I just wanted to practice just in case

Anyone just on TS1 at KSAN who could give me feedback? Thanks

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