KSAN Controller TS1 constructive criticism.

Southern California Region air traffic controllers failed miserably today at KSAN Intl. Airport. On my short final Tower gave clearance for someone else to line up and wait on the runway…Forcing me to go around at the last possible second. Tower apologized so I tried again. I don’t think I have the literary skills nesscary to describe what happened next. So I took the liberty of posting pictures. On right base it’s almost as if the controller had ate bath Sault and started mashing the “not accepting patter work” button. Even though I was reporting my position because I had not yet received clearance for the option by the time I got to base…that’s right no clearance for the option by the time I got to base!..so sad. Anyway I landed without a clearance because that’s the way the cookie crumbles on TS1, But I got a clearance after I had already departed the air space toward MMJT. I know I know I should have just flown on the expert server. Surprisingly IFATC was not on at the time.

And now evidence:

My advice: check help pages using ATC instructions


This is the Training Server. Service isn’t going to be great. Fly on the expert server if you want more realistic ATC service.

Please don’t post complaints about TS1 controllers.