Ksan atc

ATC on KSAN now please rate. Will be on for another 1 1/2 hours

i would if I knew how

Just fly around and tell me on here how I am doing. When your done

You never sequenced me or cleared me. I kept going around because you never cleared me for the option. I just kept getting speed requests or “Roger”. See this for a better understanding of ATC commands.

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Okay sorry about that


You told me to enter straight in, as number two, with traffic to follow on right base. The only traffic remotely near me was already on final, so you should have told me to follow the guy on final. Also, you shouldn’t have been telling me to enter straight in (since I was already in the pattern). Also, you cleared me as number three to land, when there was only one person in front of me… I didn’t quite follow that.

Keep practicing!


He was on right base when I told you

Pretty sure that wasn’t the case. He was just lining up on final when that happened. Base refers to the strict horizontal line in front of an imaginary vertical runway. That’s probably the best explanation I can give you, but if I can find that chart-thing that we ATCs use… then I would probably be able to explain better.


What was good @masonh2479 and @Swang007