Kryzlot’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Username 👤 : Kryzlot FDXVA

Current operations count: 1️⃣7️⃣0️⃣6️⃣

Location 🗺 : KCLT

Frequencies 📶 : Ground and Tower

Server👨🏼‍🍳 : Training

Open hours (Zulu): 🕚 July 🕧

Quote of the Day: “Hey booboo”!!! -Yogi Bear


  • Hello IFC welcome to my ATC thread!!! I hope everyone can agree on one thing here… aviation is awesome!!

  • I am working on nailing down my ability to anticipate problems and how to avoid them and react to the ones I can not anticipate

  • I believe that mistakes are a blessing… now to explain, without mistakes, how could we ever improve? I will need the most willing pilots to work with me as I will work with you

  • When you reply within this thread please be respectful and take this seriously for not only me but others

  • Pattern work and lots of it! The more the better! It is a great way for everyone to practice and build up their stats

  • I welcome feedback, short or long, it’s better than nothing, the more specific and blunt you are the easier it will be to know exactly what to go over
    (If you help me I will help you, just ask! I love this stuff to the point where I will almost never offer help!

Thank you to everyone who is willing to help and it all is truly and infinitely appreciated

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I’d recommend changing your times to Zulu so its easier for everyone to understand.

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Thank you! Yes that would be very helpful!

Hello everyone, in 7 minutes I will open at KCLT and will be running runways 18C and 18L for pattern work if anyone wants a good solid practice!! Runway 5 is closed and 18R will be closed for the time being

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I’ll try to stop by. Just want to say this is perhaps the coolest tracking thread I’ve seen.

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Thank you so much!!! Means a lot and really shows just how awesome this community is!!!

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18R will be used for inbounds

Nicely done. First off ignore me requesting 36C that was a mistake… However in that situation don’t be shy to use your powers as ATC and say unable. One more thing on my first pattern, in that situation it may have been better to say extend downwind if you noticed I started turning base, because some pilots may not like such a short squeeze to the runway. Also thanks for not ignoring me doing donuts in the grass.

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Thank you for this feedback it really is much appreciated and will be refereed back to when I see that situation arise again!!! Thank you for flying and awesome handling👊

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I’ll stop by in under 5 minutes in a TBM, callsign CIA

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Thanks for controlling! I enjoyed coming by.

  • The transition command you gave was good. Usually, the transition altitude is 2,500-3,000 feet AAL, but choosing a higher altitude is acceptable if you feel it’s necessary. (You want at least 1,000ft of separation between aircraft passing by and ones taking-off/landing at your airport.) Thanks for the frequency change at the end!
  • The on guard message you gave me was acceptable. (Side note: as tower, do not on guard aircraft inbound to your airspace until they are within 25nm and below 10,000ft AAL. Also, do not on guard if the aircraft is connected to another frequency, like Approach. You did this correctly in my case.)
  • You gave me a pattern entry, and then cleared me for landing - Good! That’s exactly what you do when an aircraft is inbound and Approach is not open. (Side note: sequencing, if necessary, can go in between the pattern entry and the landing clearance.)
  • Exit runway command was good.
  • Progressive taxi. For simple runway crossings, you likely don’t need to tell me you’re giving progressive taxi instructions. Just give me the runway crossing clearance (just like before progressive taxi instructions existed), and that’s all.
    Progressive taxi instructions are generally only used at busy/complex airports where there are conflicts between multiple taxiing aircraft. If (like in this case) there are no other aircraft you’re directing me around/through, try to avoid giving progressive taxi commands. In other words, only use when necessary.
    Saying “continue taxi at your discretion” is correct when you’re done giving progressive taxi instructions to a pilot, so don’t forget that command at the end! (This time you didn’t, so nice job!)

Thanks again for controlling! If joining IFATC is your goal, hopefully you’ll be there in no time. :)


Thank you for flying!!! Really amazing pattern work and handling of the tbm 👊

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I want to say wow… the feedback and it’s clarity is really amazing to read and really important to me!!! I cannot stress enough and will not stop stressing how thankful I am for a community like this! Thank you specifically for giving your time and I hope to get on the track to IFATC as I keep becoming more in love with ATC

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Your overall ATC skills are very good when it comes to pattern work, but here are 3 things you could do:

  1. Your first pattern entry instruction was good, but I find was a bit late. I already knew I was going left traffic but you can say it as soon as I get airborne so I know exactly how to enter the pattern.

  2. You can give me the landing/option clearance straight after pattern entry or sequence(in other situations), you don’t need to wait till I’m almost turning base to do so. I’ve watched Tyler’s videos and he said that tell pilots everything you know exactly when you know it. You shouldn’t keep a secret from a pilot. As soon as you know a pilot is cleared to land/option, tell him. In my case, I was often the only one using the runway. At the end you were doing better on this point and were clearing me a lot faster.

  3. You can clear me for the option, and then extend my downwind, don’t have to wait till you want me to turn the base to clear me. You can say: cleared for the option…, then extend downwind and then turn base. But that’s your choice, you don’t have to do this.

  4. The rest was really good! You are doing better than I am currently on ATC 😂 I’m glad you didn’t do the mistakes I did earlier today!

I hope you get to IFATC soon,

Regards, Adam.


18R and 18L are open for patternwork and inbounds if necessary 18C I want to try and designate for inbounds and departures

Adam, thank you infinitely 😜 I, once again have already cemented your awesome and much appreciated feedback and I thank you for the info regarding timing of clearance, pattern entry… etc. believe it or not this is all so crucial to me and when controlling and just thank you so much again!!!

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No problem, btw I am approach and departure control at KCLT right now 😂

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I have one question right now, so i have an aircraft who is “heavy” and they have requested runway 5 which is not the longest. What do I do everyone? Allow for the takeoff or taxi then to a longer runway? Thanks!

He isn’t going far, the runway should be good. But it’s ur choice!
Edit: (he barely made it lol)

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Thanks! And they are all yours now departure 👍

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