Kryzlot’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A [IFATC Passed Written]

I want to see how you handle a fighter with an xcub in the pattern

Roger, gonna keep you on the same runway if possible for added struggles

He left😂, and you forgot pattern entry

Also don’t be fooled by the xcub low speed on landing, I was doing a touch n go wasn’t doing a full stop. I can take off at 30-40 kts. Don’t worry I did the same one time.

Roger , thank you

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Closing in 8 minutes folks

Thanks for ATC bud, keep up the great work!

Good night!

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Thank your for flying goodnight!!!

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Thank you all who flew tonight and I cannot say how thankful and happily surprised I am to have had such awesome constructive feedback!!! Goodnight all, and will post times for tomorrow which will likely come around 1200 Zulu and I may control multiple times throughout the day and have an interesting airport in mind for tomorrow night!!! Lastly, if anyone has additional comments regarding airports they would want controlled and when, please message me and I will do my best to help out.


Open at BIRK if anyone wants to get some flying in on ts…GA ONLY
Will close at 0500 Zulu and open at KATL shortly after

Even though I was the only one there doing some patterns good job man, real good 👍.

Thanks for showing 😂 I’m going to open at KATL ground and tower at 0515 Zulu


Runway 28 will be used for GA patterns and departures

Runway 26r will be devoted to jet patterns and 26L will be devoted for jet departures/inbounds

27R will be for inbound jets and jet departures

27L will be for inbound GA aircraft and GA departures

Alright I’m going to be an inbound 738 from TPA

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Due to lack of activity KATL is now closed. Thank you everyone who flew today!!!

Hello everyone I’m open at KJFK on training server. Departures and inbounds will be on runways 22R and 13R for jets and GA will be departing and landing on 22L and 13L
If requesting pattern work please be in a GA aircraft and I will most likely be using runway 22L left traffic

Come and fly at London !!! I will be ground and tower till whenever, will broadcast on IF when closing

And yes!!! Will be accepting pattern work for runway 9R and 9L will be for inbound and outbound and if busy 9R will be for departures and pattern work… possibly inbounds

Guys if you are going to remain in the patter please remain in the pattern… approach does not need extra planes who are doing pattern work stay at patter altitude and make right or left traffic please!!! :)

I think your problem is your choice of airports. Try to avoid places like KJFK, EGLL or KLAX as it’s going to be absolute mayhem. If you want to sharpen your skills with serious pilots, choosing smaller airports will help. :) Good luck!