KRSW New Tower and Old North Terminal Ramp

I see that many airports receive upgrades and corrections that publish with each new IF Upgrade.

KRSW new Control Tower is completed. Full operation is forth coming.

Will the author of RSW consider adding the new tower to the 3D rendering ?

Also the previous topic of the use of the old abandoned Terminal ramp (3 spots) by Western Global Cargo was closed with no further attention.

These can be added for spawning there. OLD and dated google maps and airport diagrams may not show these either. They are on current sources.

Also MSFS KRSW upgrades have upgraded to the new scenery. Just a side note.

So is a airport upgrade worthy of consideration ?

Not my call but it would be helpful.

This is not a request for a new 3D Airport .
Just tweaking the existing one. This is a practice now in use in IF.



IF isn’t Microsoft, so it will likely take until 22.8 or 23.1 whichever comes first
Don’t quote me on this because I am not IFAE or IF Staff

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There is no rush. I added the MSFS comment to add validity to a future upgrade. Not a time-line.

I am very aware that IF and MSFS 2020 are not the same thing.

However thank you for clarifying that.

I think the author of KRSW is Will_A a respected community and IFATC member.

His consideration is paramount.

I am more than happy to help in anyway if needed.

be safe

I have no doubt the airport will be updated in time, whether by the original editor or a new one, as more reference photos become available. At this point it’s just a matter of an editor finding the time and motivation to tackle it. Of course once a project releases they move on to other airports so it may take a bit before they’re willing to pivot to something else, especially on a somewhat lower visibility airport. Cheers!


As long as its recognized its all good
As for low viz airports we release dozens of them on each update…grass strips for tail draggers eh?

KRSW was mentioned before. The new RWY is scheduled for 2035 so we have have time.

The grass strips and small airports have been explained many times as the starting point for new editors. These will always be a part of our release cycles since their learning and early creations don’t go to waste.

My comment was simply to imply that I wouldn’t anticipate an editor jumping on this like they would if ATL, JFK, LAX or LHR underwent a real world change. Either way, it’ll happen in time!


I don’t know why I like the old tower so much. The old tower is very bland. It’s night and day compared to the new tower with the design aspect, but there is something about that old tower that has a nostalgic feeling of the times I would fly down to Marco Island to spend Thanksgiving as a child. My parents have been flying there since before I was born, and I have many transient friends in that neck of the woods. That being said, I know the devs will do a great job at the update when it comes in due time.

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Welcome to design school that we pay for the tuition. I get it 🙂

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