KRAL -> L35 [SFRA] {VFR Approach}

I decided to take the 172 out and test out the atc skills of KLAX TS ATC and got an amazing flight out of it. I ended up flying the LAX SFRA that takes you right over the airport. I then proceeded to route to L35 and run the western visual approach for Runway 8 and followed the Visual Approach. To sum it up, amazing flight.

Departure Airport: KRAL
Arrival Airport: L35
Flight Route: VFR Until the SFRA ( Bearing 132* @ 4500’ on the SMO VOR ) then VFR to L35

Departing KRAL

Flying the KLAX SFRA

Turning onto Right Crosswind for Runway 8 @ L35

Crabbing on Final (30 Knt Crosswind)

Parked at a T-Parking

Screenshot 2021-02-28 112948

L35 Approach
Screenshot 2021-02-28 112908


Beautiful, loved that last shot. I love the thrill of flying a small GA plane over a really busy airport!

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Yes, and the feeling of knowing your flying stuff flown IRL makes it amazing.

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Big bear is awesome! Been there a handful of times irl. Always a fun day trip.

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Went ahead and added my approach and the SFRA