KPVD Runway Expansion

I didn’t know what to put this is so I put it in general… but right now in IF the runway at KPVD is only 7,000 ft long. It recently got expanded to 8,700 feet, so if that could be done in the near future that would be great. Thanks


Here’s what to do:

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So I can just post it there?

If the imagery and data available on the web supports this then it could be revised by the editing team but that is all dependent on pertinent information readily available.


I am aware of the inaccuracies with KPVD. I submitted a change not too long ago for gate inaccuracies (this should appear in the next scenery update) based on what a user had reported to me. I will fixing the overall layout if need be (including the runways) which is dependent on updated satellite imagery data as Chris insinuated. The same is true with some of the older New England airports that have been edited since the commencement of the project over two years ago now. I will be fixing this and other inaccuracies at my earliest convenience.

Thanks for the report and for your concern. :)