KPUB rwy 26L ILS not working

Hello, I had encountered this issue in December of last year, but remembered to make a topic for it today.
I was doing a flight to KPUB (Pueblo Memorial in Colorado), and when I tuned into NAV 1 to catch the ILS of rwy 26L, I found out it wasn’t catching it. The needle stayed always as if I had been too high from the glide slope, but I was only 200ft above the FAF.
Here are some screenshots. Notice how I wasn’t able to catch the ILS even as I was near rwy’s 26L threshold.

This issue was noted before the B757 update.

This is because there isn’t an ILS approach for runway 26L. The ILS approach is only for 26R, hence why the needle had more than a 3/4 deflection to the right.

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Really? Then Flightaware got it wrong, here’s the approach chart for rwy 26L. It indicates an ILS approach.


Maybe it just hasn’t been implemented in to IF yet.

I’ll do some digging in the nav files to see if it’s there. Just from looking, I can see you’ve tuned the wrong localizer frequency in though, hence the noted deflection.

I swear I tuned into the ILS of 26L. I can put the link of the video I made if you want.

IPUB is the identifier for the ILS to the other side. Regardless, the approach in question is in the files for 26R, which is wrong. I will get this fixed for the next update. Thanks for letting us know!


Yay for Ryan!