KPUB requires some love

I just received this from @HenrikIFFG (thanks Henrik!):

Just noticed some issues with KPUB airport (Denver region). Runways 8R/26L and 8L/26R have been mixed up: in real life, the former is long and ILS-equipped, and the latter is far shorter (4690ft), but the two have been inversed in IF, meaning that 8L is the longer runway and 8R the shorter. Also, runway 12 has been taken out of service for good, yet is still available as asphalt in IF, and the only spawn points available are on the runways. Sorry if this has already been addressed.

Thanks for your help - you guys on the airport editing team are doing a phenomenal job! :smile:

Here’s an interesting project for someone on the team to take on someday!


Nice, we should have more of such feedbacks so we could know which airports are frequently in use by the simmers. Anyway, is there any dateline for this? If not I can volunteer to work on this airport over the weekend to cater to his requirements. Hope the google image is up to date.

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Sounds like a good project. I’m still working on LAX when I can. All yours @kohanson :smile:

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No deadline for anything, knock yourself out :smile:

I’ll post more of these then, they seem pretty interesting!

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Ok! Will work on it. Can I ask something, if there is a part of any airport that is covered with clouds and there is no way you can find airport details about the particular airport, what should we do?

I usually check from a number of map sources: Google Maps, Bing Maps, OSM Satellite imagery, Apple Maps… you’re bound to find one shot in which it’s clear :)

Ok sure! Will do that.

adding of KPUB taxiline in progress.

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