KPUB Denver region incorrect runway layout


I came across this last night doing some flight planning if anyone cares. Runway 08L should be 08R and 08R should be 08L


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Hmm that’s interesting I could only find approach plates for 08R but it was showing the longer runway. And that’s the diagram I found.


Nice call. Can you move this to bugs please? I’ll flag the post and do some @ing to get @DIsraelFDS or someone else over here for an opinion. (Tried to @matt, didn’t seem to work…)


Yea I will move it bugs or meta?


Bugs please, meta is forum issues and usage, not game.


This is a valid point. The developers may actually have thought what the OP thought but found new evidence.


I can research that possibility later tonight I just got to work


So is its actually incorrect or not? Which layout is outdated?


We are unsure at this point I guess


It is incorrect the airport diagram was published a few months back


We kinda need phillippe or matt to say if they were aware of this in development, and researched to find the new layout. If not, then we need to research to check what the current layout is.


Philippe and Matt don’t deal with airport layouts for the most part, but I can fix this. I just need to know if it’s currently correct or not.


Oh? Who deals with them then? Who else would?


I can change airport layouts if needed


Wait, really? Is this how the development model works?? I thought you’d have to work for FDS, and they’d need to release a new update?


There is an airport editing team, but I’m not going to explain the details.


He is part of the Airport Editing Team :)


Oops…Beat me to it!


Okay then, sorry, I honestly thought it was just the core dev team and pizza… I guess I’ve been overlooking your work all this time.