KPSP tower (Inactive) on playground

Welcome :) come join me

Edit: aaand Observer again

Edit 2: Now tower on KPSP

Nice work. I’m now active on the approach frequency. I’ll try and get the arrivals to 25l so you can clear the taxi line for 25r.

Any preferences, let me know :)

I’m not controlling :) The app made me observer while I quickly created this topic… I’m still observer so I hope the tower controller is leaving soon :P

Well you were doing really well, you had a very slick operation going there - nice work.
And that’s when accounting for the fools ignoring instructions… I hope you qualify for the advanced server!

Stephen I haven’t been controller yet tonight :p But the current controller is probably really happy with your opinion haha

I’m sure it was you… You have a clone!

I was active for 1 minute max. Then I became an observer unfortunately. Maby the game bugged and still showed my name?

Possibly. Hope you get back on soon

Tower on KPSP now :) Good alternative