KPSP T&G Open (PG)

Tower & Ground open!!

What server?

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playground i don’t have the certification for advanced

Must be ATC Playground, Advanced ATC is in Seattle region right now.

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That makes me really mad that I was ghosted today. Seattle region is my home.

Hi,i was there now,i suggest you to watch all Tyler’s tutorials,they are very helpful.
1)if i ask for takeoff remaning in the pattern, you can’t give me just cleared for take off but cleared for takeoff make R/L traffic.
2)if I’m in the pattern you can’t tell me “contact CENTER”.
3)after takeoff you need to sequence me and then cleared.
4)if I tell you my position you can’t answer with roger,i tell you my position because you still no sequence/cleared me,so you correct answer is N1/2/3 traffic to follow is on R/L DW or B.
I hope this thing can help you.
Thank you

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…most of the things above are explained in this video tutorial:


I was GA aircraft. So you can send me to 31R as I requested.

And you just gave me cleared for takeoff when I requested remaining in the pattern twice. So I quit

Watch Tyler’s great tutorials.

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