KPSP Runways confusion

So this evenving I was ATC Tower in KPSP (TS1) and I noticed that some pilots don’t know their right and their left! Please, to all pilots who flies to KPSP when ATC says that your are cleared to land runway 31RIGHT, for example, don’t try to land on runway 31L!

It’s TS1, what do you expect 🤷🏻‍♂️


I understand your frustration, but I don’t think this warrants an entire thread. Work towards the Advanced Server and you shouldn’t see this behavior.

When I’m controlling some don’t see the numbers. E.g. I clear someone for 09 and he lands at 27!
Although on TS1, the pilots don’t care as long as they land somewhere.

Not really much you can do for TS1 not a lot of pilots take instructions seriously.

If you want to control on expert have a look at this :)

But how people can manage to think that their right is their left…

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Because they’re idiots. Enough said.
Or they don’t want to change their Flight Plan.

I will work towards that. I need to practice my Approach Departure and Center but my Ground and Tower skills are good :)

If someone can close this thread please. I only wanted to pass a message to anyone who are concerned about that :)

You only need to know tower ad ground to join IFATC, radar freqs are a separate test after you have joined

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Don’t quote me on this but I think at first, you get qualified as GRD/TWR then you can take another test to grant you access to APP.

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Ok thank you for the info

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Fly Expert. I’m sorry but there really is nothing you can do. If you want to control in a better environment, apply for IFATC

There are two very distinct runway lengths. I have seen pilots ask for the shorter one not realizing how long it is. OOPS.

Ahaha I know. When I see that a big aircraft like a B777 asking me to land on runway 31R I want to clear them to land in this runway so they will be suprised 😂😂 but I never do it of course 😁

I wouldn’t be surprised if those pilots were grade 2 or below

Let’s not forget RWY 31R at KPSP is shorter than 31L, so I’d use 31L for jet traffic and 31R for GA traffic.

Sadly SoCal on TS1is a zoo. I love flying that region, but when I do only on Expert Server otherwise I might end up throwing my iPad at the wall!

If you want to practice for IFATC can I suggest you do ATC in one of the paid for regions? Generally people who have paid for those are a bit more mature when it comes to flying ( still get some Nimrods though!)