KPSP-KSEA Trip Report!

Hello, IFC,

I recently made a trip report for a flight from KSEA-KPSP in a Prototype 737!

Well… I flew back!

On Alaska Airlines in the old livery 737-990!

Here we go!

I arrived at KPSP, it was blazing hot and I quickly came to the Bag Check area where the A/C was doing it’s job.

After a long process of gluing 65467654567898323456 stickers to my suitcase, it was time to get checked.

I got to TSA, (the fastest TSA experience ever), and got in trouble for carrying carrot sticks (for the night flight)…

Oh well…

After that, it was time to head straight outside and do planespotting!
I saw a bunch of nice planes. I’m going to make a topic for them soon :)

After chillin’ next to the planes, I went (halfway) inside to find a seat at my gate before everyone stole them.
The carpet was showing it’s age… But the big airport fountain was nice :) The windows were so disgusting I could barely planespot!

I spotted for a while, then it was time to board! I entered the plane that smelled like mozarella dipped in bleach and took my seat (26A). The window was dirty, but it was a night flight, so whatever.

The seat was better than last time, but the traytable was disgusting! The windows were not square tho… :)

We taxiied for a long while, and did the fastest and most VERTICAL TAKEOFF ever!!!


After we reached 34,000 feet, the FAs started handing out biscoffs and drinks. I started eating my illegal carrot sticks and I took Diet coke because pepsi is not OK and I feel like this is going to start WWIII…

After an amazing sunset, I sat back and fell asleep… for 10 minutes until the seat in front of me reclines and hit my shin. I felt like crying…

I was not able to sleep after that, so I tried to connect to the GoGoInFlIgHt WiFi (why even bother…)
It actually worked and it was very fast!
jk it didn’t work lol.

After an uneventful 2 hour flight, we descended into KSEA and on short final, I saw my usual spotting location in the dark! We hit the runway so hard that I dropped my Camera… and I’m used to rough landings…

The 737 then taxiied to gate B10 (I think) next to a Delta A319, A220, and E175 and we deplaned rather slowly. I even saw the cleaning crew!

I then ran across the airport to find my luggage, which took 30 minutes to arrive…

I got it, ran to the car and went home.

Nothing better than sleeping in your own bed when you haven’t been in it for a long time and the house is kinda cold because you turned the heating off when you left. Right?

Thank You!!!

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How can I improve?


Oh, and @anon38496261 tracked me on FR24!


How can I make this trip report better?

By showing us the actual vertical takeoff ;)

I don’t have a yt account tho

Google drive

You can go into Google photos, upload the video and share the link here, it automatically turns into a video once posted on the forum.

Ok. Thanks!

I put it there, now how do I post it here?

i think he said, copy the link and post it here

but on google drive?

That flight sucked… happy you made it out alive :)

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Lol Who said I was alive?

Why did it suck?

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dirty Windows
The guy in front of you not letting you sleep
Lame wi-fi
Deplaning very very slow

I call that a flight that sucked.

Nice tripreport though👍


Yeah, true…

but it was alaska airlines so it was good :)


Nice trip report!

Funny, I’ve only every had 65467654567898323455 on mine!

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