KPSP & KSAF- Regional Airports are the Best

Palm Springs Airport

I got the pleasure to fly American out of Palm Springs, California, which was really fun because I remember the hundreds of flights from KLAX to KPSP pre-global that I used to fly. To actually make a landing into KPSP was super nostalgic. Also, if you’ve never experienced the KPSP airport, it’s awesome, pretty much completely outdoors, super comfortable, and every aviation geeks dream. You have lots of up close and personal views of the aircraft on the ground.

Flew the top beauty out - she put on quite the show in the wee-dawn hours.

I did have a plane change in Phoenix.

Santa Fe Airport

The second great regional airport is going to be KSAF (my home airport). If you haven’t landed here, you’re also missing out. The actual airport is about the size of most gas/petrol stations. It was a bit soggy this morning but made for some great shots of this beautiful girl.

I hope you enjoy a few of these shots - as it was a cool up close and personal experience with these planes. Which is why regional airports are the best! :)



WOW so cool to see my home airport and to see someone else from my home town ;) Nice beautiful shots! And I do agree, KSAF is a beauty of an airport, both in facilities and in scenery! (IF and IRL)


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